About us

Enis fotowoltaikaENIS company implements solutions and advisory services on photovoltaic technology usage. Since the beginning, we strive to redefine the role of enterprises by providing customized solutions and meet the diverse energy needs.

The biggest merit of our offer is its versatility: from consultancy support, by selling to the implementation and quality assurance. We design photovoltaic systems for small investments, as well as for large energy projects. We also effectively solve problems with electrical supply. We provide advisory services for investors, but also for installers who need technical support on the merits. See also: Our offer.

We offer attractive terms of payment, and we are looking for co-financing opportunities from external (both local, regional and national) sources of financial support.

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified specialists. Each employee is focused on providing you with the highest level of service from the moment of undertaking the co-operation with us, until the consultation at the end of the project. We attach great importance to the process of searching for information on the latest implemented technologies. This benefits in the future trade relations, as we are able to serve our clients with expertise on innovative products in the field of photovoltaics, gaining their trust.

We invite you to work with a progressive company that puts a lot of energy in the ongoing development of photovoltaic technology and provides innovative products and solar systems on the Polish market.

With us, you are simply closer to the sun…