Our qualified employees assist customers in the planing and design. We ensure that our offer will be adapted to the individual requirments and client’s demands. At this stage, the technical details are explained and, where necessary, consultations are carried on the place of investment. This stage provides the highest quality and safety of the investment. Our advisory services can be used not only by potential investors, but also by installers of photovoltaic systems, when they need substantial or technological support (e.g adaptation to the specific conditions of the investor’s installation).



We support the development of solar energy using local, regional or national financial opportunities. Renewable energy is the energy of the future, which is promoted in many development programs at different levels. This allows for searching of funding for this type of investment, which over time will appear much more often. Depending on your needs, we help you also in obtaining adequate banking support for the implementation of investment. This gives our customers the certainty of the possibility of the rapid return on the investment.



This stage includes, according to the order, delivery of highest quality PV panels with supporting constructions, inverters and other accessories necessary to build a complete photovoltaic system. We make sure, that delivered equipment will have high performance parameters and long warranty periods.
At the same time we analyze technical design by verifying one more time, its assumptions and equipment configuration, so as to guarantee the performance, durability and efficiency of the functioning of the installation.



The next stage is the implementation of the investment, which includes professional installation and construction of a complete photovoltaic installation as well as advisory services after the investment. In the course of investment all technological problems are being solved, so to adjust performance and mounting solutions, both for small and large investments, typical and customized projects. We also provide support in the sale of energy from solar power plants.
The final stage of our offer is giving a long period guarantee coverage, which is secured by using the highest quality photovoltaic cells, produced by acclaimed world producers.