Mounting systems

Systemy montażoweMounting system allows for a secure and stable installation of photovoltaic panels. Depending on the type of photovoltaic system there are different mounting systems. This is primarily determined by the conditions of buildings, such as: mounting on the roof or on a flat surface. The design may include, among others, supporting structures, roof brackets, mounting rails, flexible tubes. Well done mounting structure is designed to provide adequate slope of the photovoltaic panel and its safe operation.





Q.FLAT mounting system for flat rooffotowoltaika na płaski dach

System montażowy na płaski dach

Q.FLAT mounting system for a flat roof from HANWHA Q.CELLS company reduces installation costs of photovoltaic panels on flat roofs while maximizing the profits from the sale of electricity. 10 ° tilt and bidirectional orientation allow for minimal shading and maximum utilization of roof space. Low weight makes photovoltaic mounting system ideal for all types of flat roofs.



Advantages of innovative photovoltaic system Q.FLAT for a flat roof:


Parking system Q.PORTfotowoltaiczny system parkingowy

photovoltaic carportPhotovoltaic carport Q.PORT from Q.CELLS HANWHA company is cost-effective solution for each parking to ensure protection from sun and rain, and at the same time producing electricity that can be used to charge electric vehicles or sold to the grid.

Ecological Parking Q.PORT is designed in a way that allows to protect the photovoltaic system from vandalism, making it a perfect solution for public parking.

Due to modular construction, photovoltaic carport Q.PORT can be easily adapted to any situation.

Advantages of photovoltaic carport system:



Mounting on tiled roofs

  • typical mounting direction - from left to right
  • fixing via the roof hooks to rafters
  • typical roof hook distance: about 1.2 - 1.4 m

Fixing on trapezoidal roofs

  • typical mounting direction: from the eaves to the ridge
  • mounting with mandrel screws, across the purlins
  • typical spacing of bolts: about 1.15 m

Mounting on standing seam roofs sheet

  • typical rail direction from left to right
  • attachment via seam clampsu
  • typical Terminal Pitch: on every fold

Mounting on trapezoidal sheet roofs

  • typical rail direction from left to right
  • mounting with clamps Fix2000
  • typical clamping distance: 1.2 m

Consoles on the flat roof

  • made of HDPE
  • aerodynamic optimization
  • lowering the load of the roof

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