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Panele fotowoltaicznePhotovoltaics a field of science and technology concerning the processing of sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaics is also one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Photovoltaic systems are characterized by simplicity of installation and are easy to use both in industry and in households.

In the Enis offer you can find photovoltaic panels, inverters and accessories required for installation of photovoltaic systems. 

Our experts will introduce the issues related to the practical application of photovoltaic technology and will help raise funding for investment.


With us you are closer to the sun…


Ekspertyzy, funkcjonowanie fotowoltaiki

Properly designed, optimized and well-made photovoltaic system can operate flawlessly for many years. However, problems often arise from photovoltaic installations, which can cause many problems.

Qualified ENIS employees perform photovoltaic expertise, identify defective parts, materials, installation errors and verify the correctness of the photovoltaic systems operation as well as the correctness of the design and installation.

ENIS company has its own laboratory, equipped with specialized equipment and software for conducting research of photovoltaic panels and inverters.

ENIS carries out expert’s reports about photovoltaic installation for:

  • courts, prosecutor’s offices,
  • Companies and institutions,
  • individuals.

Each customer will receive detailed documentation review and evaluation of a photovoltaic system.

Opinions and expertise of photovoltaic installations prepared by ENIS can serve as proof of the court.


Problem situations, ENIS experts most often meet:

  • degradation of PV system performance,
  • expected rate of return indicated by the manufacturer or installer is different from the real one,
  • small changes in performance regardless of weather conditions,
  • obvious visual changes, graying, yellowing, moisture stains on photovoltaic modules,
  • visible dark streaks (worm patches) on particular cells of the photovoltaic panel,
  • the connection between the objectives are deformed or corroded (they become brown) - create a hot-spot. Note: in this case there is a risk of fire,
  • hot solar wires,
  • incorrect cable routing,
  • torn wire insulation,
  • photovoltaic equipment damage,
  • inverter’s noise and display the error messages,
  • switching off the inverters (especially in the afternoon on a sunny day),
  • lack of charging of batteries,
  • battery replacement is required every year (quickly depleted),
  • previous repair did not bring any improvement,
  • deformation of the frame and plate of the photovoltaic module due to snow load,
  • PV system damage by lightning (lack of or inadequate lightning protection),
  • the delivered modules are different from those set forth in the offer (contract),
  • lack of control card of the photovoltaic module, according to the data sheet,
  • suspicion of falsifying data sheet of the photovoltaic module,
  • theft of photovoltaic installations,
  • the insurance company refuses to pay compensation for PV system damage.

Feel free to contact us. ENIS employees will help to solve problems caused by improper functioning of your photovoltaic installation.


ocena dzialania paneli
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Przyczyna i wycena, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat
Ekspertyzy fotowoltaika
Wycena szkody, szacowanie strat


  • Panele EN

    panele fotowoltaiczne polikrystaliczne POLYCRYSTALLINE SOLAR PANELS

    Polycrystalline panels are made of silicon cells. Polycrystalline panels are made up of cells, which are a combination of multiple small silicon crystals. This is the reason, why their surface is not homogeneous, thus, they are slightly less efficient and simultaneously, less expensive.
    Thanks to those characteristics of polycrystalline panels, they are commonly used in residential buildings and in large solar power plants.

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    panele fotowoltaiczne monokrystaliczne MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR PANELS

    Monocrystalline panels are composed of individual cells that are formed of a homogeneous silicon crystal with systematic internal structure. They are formed by cutting the silicon block of appropriate size, for layers thick of about 0.3 mm.

    Panel produced this way has the highest level of efficiency and service life.

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  • Systemy solarne EN


    Q.FLAT mounting system for a flat roof from HANWHA Q.CELLS company reduces installation costs of photovoltaic panels on flat roofs while maximizing the profits from the sale of electricity. Low weight makes photovoltaic mounting system ideal for all types of flat roofs

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    parkingowe systemy fotowoltaiczne PHOTOVOLTAIC CARPORT SYSTEMS

    Photovoltaic Parking Q.PORT from Q.CELLS HANWHA company is cost-effective solution for every car to ensure protection from sun and rain, and at the same time producing electricity that can be used to charge electric vehicles or sold to the grid.
    The modular parking construction can be easily adapted to any situation.

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  • Elektrownie EN


    Solar power is the cleanest form of electricity generation. Solar power plants do not emit any noise or exhaust fumes. They are a very effective solution, even in the areas of natural protection. They fit almost any landscape. Apart from cleaning, gardening works and occasional exchange of small parts, there are no additional costs through the whole usage life.

    The ENIS Company offers a comprehensive project management, beginning from the implementation of the concept, the technical design of the photovoltaic power plant, through obtaining administrative decisions, delivery of equipment, and finishing with connection to the network and starting a solar power plant.

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Photovoltaic System Design

Photovoltaic System Design

Regardless of the size of the photovoltaic installation ENIS Photovoltaics will prepare the concept, will design and supply a complete photovoltaic system, and ENIS employees will help in the optimization and realization of investments.


Photovoltaic Equipment Delivery

Photovoltaic Equipment Delivery

ENIS Company provides the highest quality photovoltaic panels, support structures, inverters and accessories necessary for the construction of a photovoltaic system. Delivered equipment have high performance parameters and long warranty coverage.


Financial Consulting - Grants and Loans

ENIS Company supports the development of solar energy with the use of local, regional or national funding opportunities.
Renewable energy is the energy of the future, which is being promoted in a number of development programs at various levels.


ranking paneli fotowoltaicznych

Expert Installation of Photovoltaic

ENIS prepares expert's reports about photovoltaic installations, identifies defective parts, materials, installation errors and verifies the correctness of the photovoltaic systems operation as well as the correctness of the design and installation.


About us

ENIS company implements solutions and advisory services on photovoltaic technology usage. Since the beginning, we strive to redefine the role of enterprises by providing customized solutions and meet the diverse energy needs.


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