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Energy security achieved inter alia through the diversification of energy sources in the direction of renewable energy is currently one of the main objectives of the national policy. All documents, in particular environmental programs ranging from national to municipal level ending, appeal to those issues.

Due to the importance and significance of this area, you can find possibilities of multi – directional co-financing with national and EU sources, of the investments involving the use of renewable energy sources.


Activities aimed at the increasing the use of primary energy in the energy sector (ie, the increase of production efficiency and the reduction of losses in the transmission and distribution of energy), reducing energy consumption in public and private sector (businesses) through the acquisition of solar energy and increasing energy production from renewable sources, can be supported under the following programs:

Depending on the program, support for this type of investment may reach 85%. However, in the case when support is considered as a state aid, the amount of the grant will be regulated by the relevant provisions of EU and national law on the principles of providing this assistance, existing at the time of grant support.


While developing photovoltaic investments, ENIS comprehensively manages the project. Depending on your needs, ENIS employees will help in obtaining financial and banking assistance, for the photovoltaic investment.

That is why our specialists will serve your company by:


Our complexity and reliability give our customers the security and achievement of the rapid return on investment.